We are represent Istanbul Airlines which operated in the past. So always we are put together the logic and enjoyment for you when we are taking decision future of Istanbul Virtual.

Dispatch System

Our crew center is designed for our pilots comfort and flight realism. You can book a flight with a single button and take all necessary flight resources via our Dispatch System.

Training System

You can improve your pilot skill with our training system which is the first interactive virtual airline training system in the Turkey. We create a new lesson every month for our pilots.

Latest Flights

Callsign Pilot Departure Arrival Date Duration Rating
IST058Hüseyin ŞenLTFMUKBB2020-01-20 02:19:1101:31%30
IST010Aykut BaşarLTFMLTBH2020-01-19 22:06:3300:41%80
IST004Erinç FırtınaLTFMLTBH2020-01-19 22:00:0100:37%65
IST007Mustafa YiğitLSZHLPPT2020-01-19 17:40:4502:34%100
IST010Aykut BaşarEHAMLTFM2020-01-19 16:26:0102:44%80
IST741Burak AyyıldızLTFMLTAI2020-01-19 15:53:4600:56%20
IST002Mustafa Emre ErgençLGSMLTFM2020-01-19 15:44:0700:58%95
IST006Yunus Emre MertLSZHEGLL2020-01-19 15:42:2001:40%85
IST002Mustafa Emre ErgençLTFMLGSM2020-01-19 12:50:1400:51%95
IST010Aykut BaşarLSZHEHAM2020-01-18 23:19:2901:14%85

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Events & News

Every Sunday

[18z - 21z] [IST]Istanbul Online Day

This week we are cancelled our Online Day due to New Year.


[25 DEC | 18z] [TR+ISTVA] 34th Year Celebrating Event

Dear Pilots,
Date : 25.12.2019 | 18.00z(21.00 TSI)
We wish you a safe and pleasant flight!


[18z - 20z] [IST] Istanbul Airlines 1.Anniversary Event

Dear Pilots,

We are pleased to invite you to our 1st Anniversary Event, scheduled to fly from LTFM to LTAI.

Istanbul Virtual Airlines' intention is to take all our friends dreams from virtual skies to the real skies by providing a friendly and supportive virtual airline platform.

Have a good flights.

Our Partners

Top Pilots

Special awards are waiting for you on the gate.

Pilot Value
Mustafa Emre Ergenç23744 points
Arca Erdik9659 points
İlhan Arca8562 points
Cafer Can Kaştan8231 points
Mustafa Yiğit6363 points
Aykut Başar4660 points
Mustafa Kaan Seyis4542 points
Türker Yardımcı3624 points
Erhan Teke3539 points
Emre Matesli3026 points