We are represent Istanbul Airlines which operated in the past. So always we are put together the logic and enjoyment for you when we are taking decision future of Istanbul Virtual.

Dispatch System

Our crew center is designed for our pilots comfort and flight realism. You can book a flight with a single button and take all necessary flight resources via our Dispatch System.

Training System

You can improve your pilot skill with our training system which is the first interactive virtual airline training system in the Turkey. We create a new lesson every month for our pilots.


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Events & News

Every Sunday

Istanbul Online Day

Date: 16.02.2020 | 18.00z
Departure: LTFM
Arrival: UKOO


ISTVA & IVAO-TR Flight Event

Dear Pilots,

We are pleased to invite you to our Flight Event which planned by IVAO Turkey and Istanbul Virtual, scheduled to fly from LTFM to LTFE.

Have a good flights.


Istanbul Airlines 34th Year Celebrating Event

Dear Pilots,
Date : 25.12.2019 | 18.00z(21.00 TSI)
We wish you a safe and pleasant flight!

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