We have some rules and regulations and we plan all our flights as real airlines

Miles System

İstanbul Miles provides benefits to our pilots. If you need more miles you should book your flight now

More Reality

We want close to real aviation so we provides to our pilots some softwares in our crew center

Latest Flights

Callsign Pilot Departure Arrival Date Duration Rating
IST454Deniz Fırat TuranlıLTCCLTFM2019-10-16 20:52:5401:27%90
IST058Hüseyin ŞenLTBJLTAC2019-10-16 20:24:0600:54%85
IST002Mustafa Emre ErgençLSZHEDDT2019-10-16 17:41:2101:04%100
IST005Mustafa YiğitLOWWLTFM2019-10-16 15:11:0202:04%95
IST454Deniz Fırat TuranlıLTFMLTCC2019-10-15 22:14:2101:27%100
IST002Mustafa Emre ErgençLHBPLSZH2019-10-15 21:27:0801:11%100
IST001Arca ErdikLOWWLSZH2019-10-15 21:09:2400:57%95
IST001Arca ErdikLTFMLOWW2019-10-15 19:37:0101:48%100
IST337Yunus Emre MertLTBJLTFM2019-10-15 19:21:0300:46%95
IST002Mustafa Emre ErgençLTFMLHBP2019-10-15 17:43:2101:26%90

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Events & News

Every Sunday

[18z - 21z] [IST]Istanbul Online Day

This week we are flying from LTBJ to LTCG.

Come and join this great flight party.

Have a nice flight!


[17Z - 20Z] [CH+SI] LSZH-LJLJ Airbridge

Dear Pilots, At the 4th of June the IVAO Switzerland Division is planning an Airbridge Event between LSZH (Zurich) and LJLJ (Ljubljana). The Event will start at 17:00 Z – 20:00 Z. If you are participating make sure to have the latest charts! Make sure to listen to the ATC carefully and note the instructions. As the Istanbul Virtual Airline Event Department, we wish you a safe and pleasant flight!


[18z - 20z] [IST] Istanbul Airlines 1.Anniversary Event

Dear Pilots,

We are pleased to invite you to our 1st Anniversary Event, scheduled to fly from LTFM to LTAI.

Istanbul Virtual Airlines' intention is to take all our friends dreams from virtual skies to the real skies by providing a friendly and supportive virtual airline platform.

Have a good flights.

Top Pilots

Special awards are waiting for you on the gate.

Pilot Value
Mustafa Emre Ergenç38713 miles
Arca Erdik15837 miles
Mustafa Yiğit12710 miles
Cafer Can Kaştan12710 miles
İlhan Arca9540 miles
Erhan Teke7193 miles
Arda Yilmaz6157 miles
Serhat Gündoğdu6020 miles
Volkan Koçer5865 miles
Emre Matesli5565 miles